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Welcome to my website. Precious, powerful, playful contemporary jewellery, designed and hand crafted by Vicky Forrester in her London studio. All works are available as you see them. They can also be used as a starting point for a bespoke design especially for you. My jewellery pieces can be re-made in gold, platinum or other metals. Precious stones can also be incorporated into the designs if you wish. Working closely with the client, I develop designs that reflect our combined focus, choosing appropriate techniques and materials to best realise the final design. I frequently produce commissions for gifts, engagements, weddings and other special occasions.

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Vicky is director of Flux Jewellery School ( and Flux Studios (studio space for jewellers ( based in London.


My book, 'Elemental Jewellery' was publised in the UK and the US in 2012. (and translated into Spanish). I was commsioned to write this book which took a year to research and write. Elemental Jewellery includes twenty projects that aim to introduce new approaches to designing and making. I hope that in sharing my own experiences, processes, and conclusions, you can find parallels that will help you to engage with your own creative practice in new ways. Using Earth, Water, Air, and Fire as sources of inspiration, the step-by-step projects explore how these themes can provide potent undercurrents in conceptual, material, and technical investigation. Read the official review of my book Elemental Jewellery here.


Inspired by organic structures, I combine the inherent qualities of my materials with innovative techniques to produce wearable precious forms that delight the senses. This personal dialogue between concept, material and technique lead me to make individual and one - off pieces of jewellery that sometimes extend to become limited edition collections. I like to work with silver and gold, also incorporating other precious and non - precious materials to enhance aesthetic and functionality.

Current interests include one-off hand sculpted forms that are then cast and further manipulated and finished using traditional silversmith techniques. Contrasts are heightened through surface treatments including texturing, selective plating and patination. Jewellery on this website represents a creative journey spanning 30+ years as I have sought with this medium to express common themes, through materials and techniques.


I’m quite playful in my approach to developing new pieces. Sometimes I’m inspired by the behaviour of a particular material, and I look for ways to exploit it. Other times ideas can evolve through extended experimentation with a particular technique. In either case, beneath this process-led practice there is always a conceptual undercurrent that informs the outcome. This undercurrent is a distillation of all my experiences - thoughts, desires, feelings, perception – but especially strong for me is a connection with the elements, and my jewellery always alludes to natural form.

Because the creative process is a narrative of my experience (thoughts and feelings, fantasies, realities, my joyous moments in life) this affords me freedom to explore simple and complex ideas, to make drama, all-show pieces, and quiet, powerful pieces too. Over 30 years this has lead to the emergence of several distinct collections, each one answering to a particular intention, mood or desire. Distinct and yet distinctly related. I continue to develop new work for the collections as I am drawn to explore these same themes from ever evolving perspectives.

Vicky Forrester. Contemporary bespoke jewellery. Original hand made jewellery experiences. Designed and made by hand. Each piece is hand crafted and exists as an original. These contemporary jewellery forms exist as one a part of my exclusive one off bespoke jewellery collections. Made at Flux Studios  in South London. Made at Flux Studios  in South London.Vick also teaches a numbers o fjewellery specialised courses from Flux Studios. see. Equally important to me in the making process is the notion of intent. As we weave and forge and form our intentions into objects, here we jewellers have the means to exercise alchemy.

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Vicky Forrester is a practicing jeweller designer maker with 23 years of experience in the contemporary jewellery field.

Elemental Jewellery - a practical jewellery book by Vicky Forrester

Vicky Forrester at Flux Studios