Matrix, CAD for jewellery – part 2

Vicky Forrester has achieved level 4 in Matrix CAD for jewellery

No-one could have been more delighted than me to hear about the Level 4 fast track Matrix course at Holt’s Academy this June

As a recent convert to Computer aided jewellery design I was eager to get the push to further develop my working knowledge of Matrix. I think I mentioned that I had bought the student one year license, but setting up had been more than just a little nightmare and having finally conceded to purchase a purpose-built PC solely to run the software I had made far less progress on my own than I had hoped for.

Utmost in my mind was the daily depreciation of the license I’d bought, and attending a second course seemed a great way to getting some real value from the not inexpensive investment I’d already made in Matrix and all the paraphernalia required to actually make it run (GEMVISION take note!!).Once again, Jack Meyer pulled out all the stops and we rolled at high speed high pressure through numerous challenging assignments that extended our knowledge from basic modelling into working with nurbs and tsplines using sculpting skills and  advanced rendering techniques… 6 months ago I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about!

But here are some end results that I hope will explain the lingo

Siren, pendant in Gold with Diamonds and Pearls © Vicky Forrester 2013

Our course was running through some of the hottest days of the year so far. Roasting and under pressure, I have made some good friends in that sweaty CAD room over the last 7 weeks…. it’s great to know that we can phone a friend about those niggling  nurby issues we can’t resolve

Currently there are no more matrix specific follow on courses available, so we’re on our own now… But I also realise that now we have the tools to understand the software more intuitively, and the only way to get better with CAD is to put in the hours, make mistakes and learn your own short-cuts, so this is going to be keeping me busy for the foreseeable.


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